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Do it all with Zort - You can let people know about your event, process registration and manage participants.

  • Setup is free and ready in minutes!
  • No software installation required.
  • Convenient Registration Payment Options
  • Hassle-free Online Registration
  • No tech guy required - Zort makes it easy for you.
  • 24 hours a day - Anyone can register anytime!

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Event Information-Online Registration
Payment Options - Register Online
Custom Registry Forms
Promote to get more Registering
Manage Online Applicants

1. Event Info

Adding your event information is super simple!

Adding and including the important stuff is easy!

You decide whatís included and what isnít.

Your event is advertised on the world-wide web and itís FREE!

2. Payment Options

Lowest processing fees!

Cost per online application processed:
If no fees are processed through Zort, online registration is FREE!
$0.01 - $19.99 = $1
$20 - $49.99 = $2
$50 - $89.99 = $3
$90 - $149.99 = $5
$150 plus = 5%

You choose who pays processing fees: Absorb them into your cost or add them to the participantís costs. Offer your participants any of these convenient payment options:
Credit Card, PayPal, Pay by Check, At the Door or Invoicing.

3. Create Registration Form

Need specific information? With Zort, you can select from Standard fields or create your own customized fields. Your event registration form can be as unique as you need it to be.

You specify which fields you require simply by checking a box.

4. Promote

You donít need to be ďtech-savvyĒ because itís so easy and convenient to share your events on Zort. Itís like your own personal Website.

Once you add your event, it automatically displays on the Zort Home page.

5. Manage

Personalize and customize your reports.

Include report content simply by checking a box.

Search and filter easily...

Easy administration - Zort keeps track of whatís current and whatís not

Make it your own and add your logo to your event on Zort.

Use created events to post additional events in seconds.

Very few required fields but Zort helps to insure information participants want to know is included.

Zort will monitor and automatically close registration when your event is either full or at the registration deadline.

Zort offers transfer of your registration payments seamlessly via PayPal or Check.

Zort provides comprehensive reports to track your event registration and payments.

With Zort, you can offer your event participants ďearly-birdĒ discounts. Zort even tracks your deadlines and cut-off dates.

Easily offer event T-shirts, water bottles, etc. with Zortís on-line registration feature.

Sample wording for event cancellation policies, waivers and release of liability are available - or you can use your own.

Preview your form before you finalize it - Zort makes it easy! exactly what the form will look like before you finish.

With Zort, your event is advertised on the world-wide web and itís FREE!

Zortís On-line Registration is quick and seamless. Your event participants can register immediately - No postage or printers required!

Share a Registration Link on your website, email or Facebook and Twitter.

Group reports by gender, age and more.

Zort's Group feature lets you send emails to all participants quickly and easily.

Track participation with Zort.